Console Pianos

The kevincharles furniture console pianos are actually compared with other studio pianos. Because they have studio sized actions, long keys and very long strings. The piano in the inside is the same as the studio only smaller because of cabinet designs and smaller casters. The piano is even rated as a studio piano in the Piano Book. Thus allowing you to have a beautiful furniture case without any sacrafice of quality.
Versatile is the word for this lovely model which fits perfectly into any decor. Fluted legs and "harp design" music desk further enhance its beauty. Available in Walnut, Cherry, Oak, and Mahogany. Shown here in high sheen Walnut.
French Provincial  
The elegance and grace of 18th Century France are captured in this magnificent model. The music desk, true to the styling of the period, features a custom antique brass inset. Shown here in Cherry.
Italian Provincial  
A masterful adaptation of early Italian design. The music desk, bordered in solid wood molding, is accented by two grille-work insets. Shown here in high sheen Walnut.

Queen Anne  
The Queen Anne styling features the graceful curved lines of the cabriole leg enhanced by beautiful shell carvings on both the legs and music desk. This enduring style is shown in ribbon-striped Mahogany and is also available in Oak, Cherry, and Natural Cherry.
Country Classic  
Smooth octagonal legs and beautifully-carved music desk contribute to the charm of this American Colonial Design. Shown in satin (low sheen) Cherry. Also available in Oak, high sheen Cherry, and Light Cherry.
The Riviera  
Graceful swirls of antique brass embellish the handsome music desk of this model which faithfully reflects the Spanish influence in furniture design. Available in Oak.

Console Specifications


We have listed some of the kevincharles 1520 unique features, but the pleasing tone, the playability, the excellent tuning stability and the ease of tuning, are also outstanding features and are impossible to photograph. All kevincharles pianos have a 12 YEAR FULL WARRANTY against defects in parts, material and workmanship.

Number of keys   88
Number of dampers   72
Height   floor to keybed, 23 3/4"
Action   full size studio (direct blow) - Renner or kevincharles
Hammers   14#, reinforced, mothproofed, Australian felt
Key   16 3/16" long, 1" tall plus keybutton; individually weighted
Key material   basswood
Key covering material   white-ivorine (acrylic resin) black - Phenolic resin; longer grand size
Keybed thickness   1 5/8" butcherblock construction
Keybed material   Poplar
Plate   grey iron casting finished in special bronze - O.S. Kelly - Ohio - Steinway owned
Speaking length of longest string   48 1/2" (overall length 57 1/8")
Soundboard   close-grained Sitka or Bavarian Spruce (not laminated)
Size of soundboard   37 3/16" x 56 1/4," 2090 square inches
Pinblock   29 ply delignit
Tuning pins   2/0 x 2 1/2," nickel plated head, blued thread
Pin torques   100 to 200 inch pounds
Back posts   5 (2 1/2" x 3 1/2") Sitka Spruce
Pedals   3(soft, base sustain, full sustain)
Pedal material   solid brass
Casters   steel
Hardware   solid brass
Cabinet material   Mostly 5 ply lumbercore throughout
Mouldings   solid walnut, solid cherry, solid oak, solid mahogany
Lustrous cabinet finishes   numerous coats of stain, wood filler and lacquer, painstakingly rubbed by hand, produce the deep luster of Walter cabinets... comparable to the finish of the finest furniture.
Cabinet dimensions   Height 43 3/8," depth 25." Add 3/4" to depth and 1 1/4" to width for French Provincial and Queen Anne.
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